Welcome the European Association of

Sexological Bodyworkers (EASB)

The European Professional Association of Sexological Bodyworkers (EASB) is an association based in Switzerland.

Its goal is …

  • The promotion of Sexological Bodywork as a profession and care of the reputation as well as the recognition of Sexological Bodywork in public
  • Encouraging information exchange and collaboration between sexological bodyworkers * among themselves and with other professionals
  • the preservation of the interests of the profession
  • To promote and ensure quality and ethics in education and practice by establishing educational standards, recognizing training institutes, organizing continuing education programs and issuing ethics guidelines

You too can support our concerns by becoming an active or passive member.

* In all German person names all gender forms are meant to be equivalent, from female to male and everything in between. For better readability of the texts in German, only one spelling is used.