Become a member of the association

Become a member of the association and benefit from our cooperation. Strengthen your knowledge either on intervision days or during internal training courses.

Active membership requires a certified degree in Sexological Bodywork IISB. Passive membership is open to anyone who would like to support the association with ideas or advice.

Active membership or training membership in the EASB possible at any time

The professional association EASB (European Assiociation of Sexological Bodyworker) is grateful for your support of any kind. Be it with an active membership or with your active support.

The profession Sexological Bodywork is still a „young“ profession and it needs active people who help to establish this profession in society!

Therefore your support by joining the professional association is more than welcome. Every membership counts and helps to give the profession more presence in the general public.

If you are in training, your membership is free of charge and you benefit from the association’s offer. Like the above mentioned supervision meetings.
But there are also further training courses offered by the association and an association-owned forum where you can also look for/find/offer practice partners for your internship sessions.

If you are already a certified Sexological Bodyworker, you are of course very welcome and your active support helps us all and the greater whole.

If you are interested in applying for a membership, please Thank you!

We are happy about the common development of exploring together!

First take a deep breath and feel warmly greeted.