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Scars, stress and trauma in sexological bodywork

Date: 4 / 5 July 2020
Location: Jurtedom, Hueb 1 in 8634 Hombrechtikon
Time: 9.30 to 20.30

Course leader: Nicole Jung, graduate alternative practitioner

Scars can be problematic. We will especially focus on those scars that we will encounter again and again in our work as Sexological Bodyworker*in or Tantra Masseur*in in the breast, abdominal and genital area. What does it mean when a scar “bothers”? How can it show itself on a physical and psychological level? What can we do in bodywork for our affected clients? In this context, massage techniques are shown and tips for good scar oils are given. It is taught which connections can exist between scar tissue and functional disorders at the locomotor system or organ level, everything that belongs to scar tissue, as well as an overview of the principles and fundamentals of energy flows in the body (meridian theory). Then psychological topics are also dealt with, such as the effects of chronic pain, consequences of traumatic scarring, shame, rejection and loss of self-esteem.

Stress is now omnipresent and for many people a permanent condition. Anyone who has physical contact with people will know that relaxation is an important key to general well-being. All the more it is an indispensable prerequisite for sexual learning, which is best achieved in a positive and relaxed basic attitude.
Stress has many faces and can seem largely unnoticed and unrecognized for a long time. It is explained what happens in the body under stress and what can get out of balance if it persists for a long time. Different types of stress are discussed, as well as the typical effects and symptoms, especially in the sexual field. Relaxing massage grips, strokes, exercises and breathing techniques are shown.

Trauma, shock and fright are explained and differentiated in relation to reactions of the brain, the rest of the body and the psyche. Questions will be explored about how the brain reacts to excessive stimuli, what is happening in the body at the moment of extreme fear and stress, what long-term consequences and symptoms can be expected. Terms are clarified such as re-traumatisation, dissociation, division, (complex) post-traumatic stress syndrome, resilience and skills. As Sexological Bodyworker*in and Tantramasseur*in we work trauma sensitive, not as trauma therapists. However, it is important for us to know how we can react if our client should start to tremble, hyperventilate, scream, or even become very calm and hardly breathe. The polyvagal theory of Dr. Stephen Porges and the trembling exercises of Dr. David Berceli are also discussed.

Finally, the three topics will be linked: trauma can cause stress and scars, scars can cause stress, permanent stress can cause internal scars. In all areas the voice seems to have a great influence, we will investigate this. And there is still time for questions.

Course information:
Saturday/Sunday 4/5 July from 9.30 to 18.00 in the group practice at Stadelhofen, Theaterstrasse 4, 8001 Zurich (1st floor).

For Sexological Bodyworkers, Tantra masseurs, Body therapists IISB, as well as other therapists and interested people.

EASB active members CHF 300, EASB passive members CHF 350, others CHF 400

Course management:
Nicole Jung, certified alternative practitioner, Sexological Bodyworker, Rebalancing therapist

Please send your registration to

EASB / Markus Meier, responsible for further education

One-day seminar on Monday, 31 August 2020:

The therapeutic dialogue – the equal dialogue

A practice-oriented further training with a special focus on building trust on the relationship level.

Appreciation, acceptance, empathy, authenticity and the therapeutic attitude are the basis of the therapeutic conversation, before, during and after the Sexological Bodywork Session.

Central guiding questions in the work are: What makes a good conversation? How can you preserve space and boundaries and at the same time create a space of trust?

How can you listen, not know and still lead clearly?

Little theory, much exchange of experiences and practical exercises.

Course management:
Gabriela Schmiedlin, body and breath therapist /Supervisorin, www.impulsgeberin.ch/Portrat.html
und Tinu Niederhauser Communication trainer/coach from Lenzburg, Switzerland, www.transfer-training.ch/wir

Course Information:

Monday, 31 August from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Bodyspace in Engweg 5, Zurich

For Sexological Bodyworkers, Body Therapists IISB, and other therapists and interested people

EASB active members, CHF 160, EASB passive members CHF 210, others CHF 250

Please send your registration to:
EASB / Markus Meier, Responsible for continuing education

Mail: bildung@easb.eu