Registration for EASB membership

Registration as active member or for training membership possible at any time

The professional association EASB (European Assiociation of Sexological Bodyworker) is grateful for your support of any kind. Be it with an active membership or with your active support on the board.

The profession Sexological Bodywork is still a „young“ profession and it still needs active people who help to establish this profession in society!

Therefore your support is more than welcome by joining the professional association. Every membership counts and helps to give the profession more presence in the general public.

Would you like to actively make a difference and contribute something with your commitment? The association is looking forward to you!

Just register if you like.

If you are in training, your membership is free of charge and you benefit from the association’s offers, such as further training or intervision.

Your advantages as an active member

  • Participation with voting rights in the general meeting
  • Presentation as a practitioner on the EASB website
  • Advertising on your own homepage with the EASB logo
  • Participation in the Intervision events of the EASB
  • Advice on opening a practice
You can find the application form for the training membership here –> Link
If you are already a certified Sexological Bodyworker, you are of course also very welcome and your active support helps everyone.
Application form for the normal membership can be found here –> Link